Freelance services

graphics, photoshop, retouching,

technical drawings, presentations, effects


Freelance realisation

from the conception to the realisation

functionality and beauty

user centred design

hand made

craftsmen's workgroups coordination

way out - graphic design

Ganù Studio - Cristina Clelia Cambiganu

All images copyright of Cristina Cambiganu 2008 - present. © All rights reserved

Table Lamp.


Design + realisation, + packaging

Modelling. Porcelain.

Sculpturing for

3D ceramic printing.


wood and ceramic, cm 200. design + realisation

Furniture design. Corian. Design + technical drawings, coordination to the realisation


wood and ceramic, cm 200. design + realisation

graphic with GANULINE

Railing staircase.

Olive wood, cherry wood and ceramic.

design + ceramic realisation  + coordination to the wood realisation.



the lady and the witch - graphic design series

content design

map: concept + drawing + colouring + graphic

map: concept+drawing+graphic

logo design + drawings

card: concept + graphic

Museum of Nervi. Plan of floor signage: technical presentation.

Italian autorotes advertising:: concept  + graphic

Tate Gallery London 2010 - contest.

The game of 15

Design, Graphic. Prototyping.

External intercom.

ceramic. Unique.

design + realisation


wood, ceramic and canopy.

design + coordination to the realisation.



design + realisation


wood and ceramic.

design + coordination to the realisation

’Artistic Totem’ type signposting system, Reading levels: Skyline, location, direction, indication, orientation.

In cooperation with the Studio di Architettura 5+AA. Concept, technical presentation, photoshop

map: concept + drawing + colouring + graphic

structure design.

wall panel: concept  + graphic